Colorado: our new color tool

Every child has a favorite color.

Every company has one. Or two.

Because colors influence the way we feel. We identify with them. We recognize them.

So why are we still designing so many gray parts?

Introducing Colorado for SOLIDWORKS

We are building a tool to help you add more color to your SOLIDWORKS designs. We want to capture your corporate colors so can you use them quickly and often. Do you use colors to mark certain production steps or certain functionality? That will also be possible.

Model features that can be colored by Colorado

If it only takes one click to color a feature, a part, a face or everything in a model folder, we would be using Colorado daily. And if you could save your colors it would save even more time.

Mockup for the Colorado toolbar

We hope you feel the same way. But before we invest even more time into this product, we want to make sure we are spending our time wisely.

Small survey, big insights

You would really help us by answering 5 questions in this tiny survey:

Edit: We have closed the survey. Thanks to everyone that provided us with feedback. It has been very helpful!

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