Create 2D drawings twice as fast

Drew is the only SOLIDWORKS add-in that helps you create drawings. For any model.

Making drawings of multibody parts is 100% faster for us thanks to Drew. Now we only need to add dimensions and comments.

Martijn Hiddink - Team Leader Technical Design - HoSt

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We use drew to create our drawings. Many of our actions and settings are automated which makes it faster to create drawings. We have 17 users and we're excited about the developments and updates to Drew that make us work more effectively.

Karel Bastiaan - sheet metal work prep lead

One-click magic

You don't need to see the same popup twenty times a day.
That is why we automated these actions down to just one click.
  • Create a new drawing with views and tables
  • Add a sheet with views, dimensions and block per (weldment) body
  • Add a sheet with 1:1 flat pattern per sheet metal body
  • Add or remove a projected view (and shift remaining views)
  • Add or remove a table (and shift views)
  • Add outer dimensions
  • Add a note or block at its preferred position
  • Change a sheet size (and fit views)
  • Verify that every body has a balloon
  • Verify that every assembly component has a drawing

Certified Solution Partner

We are an official SOLIDWORKS partner with Drew

Improve collaboration

Capture your preferences easily to minimize in-person explanation. It is the ideal tool when you work with new and temporary employees.

1: Capture your drawing styles once in blueprints. 

2: Create and edit drawings in seconds using these blueprints.

3: Benefit from the higher consistency of your drawings.

Prevent overtime

Use your time more efficiently, especially when the deadline is getting closer

With one click, you start a drawing containing:

  • The right template + sheet format
  • 3D view + 2D views
  • Three outer dimensions
  • Flat pattern for sheet metal parts
  • A cut list for weldments, a BOM for assemblies 
  • Notes and blocks
  • Every weldment body its own sheet with views, dimensions, balloon
  • Every sheet metal body its own sheet with a 1:1 flat pattern

And the greatest thing is: AutoFit makes every object fit on the sheet.

Minimize risk

We designed Drew to require only minimal changes in your workflow.
  • You keep using your current templates, sheet formats and blocks.
  • Drew does not add any custom features to your drawing. It just stores the name of the blueprint.
  • The resulting drawings are exactly the same, you'll just be faster.
  • You can still make drawings without Drew.
  • Not all users need to use Drew.
  • Not all users need to start using Drew at the same time. 

So start with two licenses, or ten. We'll gladly help you get started.

Boost your effectivity in two minutes

Start saving time right now. You can try Drew for free for 14 days.
All functionality is available and you do not need a creditcard.

Pricing plans


490 / year

When billed yearly

Single PC license - Email support


Get in touch

Let's create the perfect plan

With optimal support for larger teams

Monthly plans available at €49 and €99. Yearly plans receive a 16% discount (= 2 free months).

All plans include updates.

Free monthly update

Every 1-2 months we add new functionality, improve the user interface and squash bugs that were found. This is what we are currently working on:
  • Auto-align weldment views

    The next Drew version always lays straight weldment bodies horizontal. Even when they are rotated in every direction in the part.

  • Smart review tools

    Verify your drawing with automatic tests before it is reviewed. This accelerates the development proces and decreases the number of iterations needed.

Recently added

In the past months we added the features mentioned below (and many more). Check the News page for all improvements per release.
  • Share your settings with a colleague

    One-click magic for your settings. Drew 2.9 adds a super simple way to share your settings file with a colleague.

  • Sheet metal power tools

    Drew 2.6 focuses on sheet metal. Delete center marks, hide bend lines, hide bend notes. Plus smart flip (most bends up) and long edge vertical/horizontal.

Frequently asked questions

How does Drew integrate with SOLIDWORKS?

Drew is an add-in for SOLIDWORKS 2017 and newer. A new tab will appear on the right side of your screen after installation.

Which features are active during a trial?

You can use all features during a trial. We only limit the trial time and nothing else. After purchase of one or multiple licenses, you will receive a single license code that is identical for all users.

How do I set up Drew?

You can request a trial directly from the software or purchase Drew to receive a code via email. After that, we will guide you through a short wizard to set up your Blueprints / templates.

How do you save my preferences?

Drew stores your Blueprints in a local text file. Soon you can also store this file on a network drive.

Which items can Drew add to a new drawing?

With one click, you start a new drawing containing:

  • Drawing template
  • Sheet format
  • 3D view
  • 2D view(s)
  • Three outer dimensions
  • A flat pattern view
  • Notes and blocks
  • A BOM for assemblies
  • A cut list for weldments

After that you can add or delete views with another single click. Drew then fits all items on the sheet perfectly again. We store all of your preferences in the Blueprints.

How does Drew handle weldments and sheet metal?

Drew adds a sheet per unique body with a 3D view, multiple 2D views outer dimensions, a balloon and a note or block. All views are then scaled, fitted nicely on the sheet and rotated when necessary. This also works for each subweldment.

For each sheet metal body, Drew adds a sheet (without background) and a 1:1 flat pattern. You can also add a scaled flat pattern to a normal sheet, even including outer dimensions and a bounding box.

This even works for existing drawings. It only takes one click to add missing body sheets after you have changed the model.