I help you fix poor assembly performance

Assemblies with terrible performance are so frustrating.

Rebuilds take minutes.

Opening parts takes seconds.

But I can help you fix that.

Get in the flow again

Flow is what happens when you can be completely in the moment.

It can only happen when there you get no interruptions. When feedback is instantaneous and when learning happens in successive small steps.

Slow assembly performance kills your flow.

When you add a mate and it takes five seconds to load, you get distracted and your flow might be gone.

So good assembly performance is a mandatory ingredient for achieving flow state and achieving a high output.

SOLIDWORKS suddenly extremely slow

Fewer tricks, more knowledge

I recently saw a feature with a 40 second rebuild time go to less than one second. With a single change.

I have seen a large assembly where the slowest component was an adjustable foot, downloaded from a supplier. It had a fully modeled thread that took seconds to rebuild.

It takes some knowledge to make the part or assembly fast again. That’s why I will share our knowledge with you.

So I am not going to write one of those superficial 6 tricks to improve assembly performance posts. You and your colleagues deserve to gain some actual knowledge and you need to know the story behind each method.

Our new service: performance sessions

I have been working with SOLIDWORKS since my first internship in 2006.

Even though I am still constantly learning, by now I know a lot about:

  • How SOLIDWORKS opens files and models.
  • How you can identify slow features and assembly components.
  • How to improve the speed of parts, assemblies and drawings.
  • How to improve the performance of macros and add-ins.

With this new service, I will share my knowledge with you while we work on one of your large assemblies.

A single session for quick results

A single two-hour session, most likely with immediate results. I will join one or two of your engineers via TeamViewer and we will work an assembly that needs a performance boost.

We will measure performance, investigate what causes slowdowns and test solutions.

After these two hours, you should have learned a lot. And your assembly will be faster.

Request a session

The investment is only €225.

Multiple sessions + multiple assemblies

This is the package for you when you have multiple assemblies that need a performance boost. Or if you want to spend more time on a complex assembly,

This package includes ten hours of my time. We can spend it in any way that makes sense for the project. So you can spread it out over multiple assemblies, days or weeks.

It will be billed as a single invoice after the first session. In return for that commitment, you get preferred access to my calendar when you need another session.

Request your first session

A one-time investment of only €900.

What our customers say

We did an assessment with one of our large assemblies and we learned a lot. You clearly know what you are talking about.” – Ronny G.B.

Thanks a lot, I have learned so much!!! I am very happy with the results.” – Boyke C.

Request a session

Please send me an email at [email protected] or use one of the buttons above to do the same.

How to get more information

Check out the product page first. If you still have a question, feel free to just reach out to us via email, phone or chat.

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