Add a sheet for every (weldment) body

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One of Drew’s coolest features is the ability to add body sheets.

You can also add a sheet for every sheet metal body and for every sub-weldment.

A sheet for every unique body

Just click the Add body sheets button in the Drew toolbar when you are creating a drawing:

Drew toolbar for body sheets and flat patterns

Drew finds your part model, looks for the cut list, then finds all bodies. Drew then adds a sheet for every unique body.

This can take a while for complex weldments, so please be patient. It might look like SOLIDWORKS is unresponsive, but usually, it is just very busy.

Rotate weldment bodies automatically

For straight weldment bodies, we can rotate the main 2D view automatically. Then we can even add outer dimensions and angle dimensions.

solidworks weldment view rotate

Which items are added to a body sheet?

Each body sheet can consist of:

You can change all of your preferences for each Blueprint using the Settings window.