How to add a washer under a bolt

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I would often add a bolt or nut to my assembly, only to remember that I should have added a washer first to make mating easier.

We fixed that problem with Lightning.

We already added a way to add a washer automatically when adding a bolt (or nut). To add a washer below an existing bolt, just:

  1. Select a bolt or nut. It doesn’t matter if you select the whole component or just an edge or face.
  2. Click Add washer in the Lightning toolbar.

Lightning solidworks fastener change diameter or length

If we can determine the size and material of the bolt, we’ll select the correct washer for you. If we find multiple washers or none, we ask you to select one.

Then, we’ll break the existing coincident mate between the plate and the bolt, add the washer to the assembly and add three new mates for you. Magic.