All batch tools are now in a toolbar

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In Drew version 2.7, we introduced a toolbar for all batch tools. We improved it a bit in version 3.0.

Until then, we only used the task pane. But the task pane got too crowded, so we only keep the buttons that you might use multiple times per drawing.

The toolbar has buttons to:

  1. Add a new sheet with the default sheet size
  2. Delete the current sheet
  3. Add a sheet per unique body
  4. Add a sheet per sub-weldment
  5. Add a sheet without a sheet format for each unique flat pattern
  6. Delete all sheets of a certain type. Works for sheets created in step 3, 4 and 5.
  7. Add a single sheet with views for each unique body.
  8. Create a copy of one or more sheets for every configuration in your model
  9. Delete all dangling annotations from this sheet
  10. Delete all dangling annotations from the drawing
  11. Send us your feedback
  12. Visit this Knowledge Base
  13. Access your license
  14. Access your settings

The Drew toolbar is visible only for drawings.