Delete dangling dimensions, crosshairs and annotations

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Don’t you hate it when you open a drawing, only to find multiple ugly, green, dangling dimensions and crosshairs?

We mean these kinds of things:

Delete dangling dimension in SOLIDWORKS drawing

Delete all dangling annotations with one click

When editing a drawing, there are two buttons for deleting annotations in the Drew toolbar.

Drew batch toolbar for body sheets and flat patterns

Click the Delete dangling annotations button to delete all dangling annotations on the current sheet.

Click the Delete all dangling annotations button to delete old annotations on all sheets.

Does it work on dimensions?

It works on every object that is a SOLIDWORKS annotation. That means:

  • Center lines
  • Center mark symbols
  • Threads
  • Custom symbols
  • Datum origins
  • Datum tags
  • Datum target symbols
  • (Display) dimensions
  • Dowel symbols
  • Geometric tolerances
  • Leaders
  • Notes
  • Revision clouds
  • Surface finish symbols
  • Table (annotations)
  • Weld bead symbols
  • Weld symbols

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