Add a multi-body sheet with views for each body

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Drew could already create a sheet per unique body.

To create a sheet with views for each body, click the Add multi-body sheet button while creating a drawing for a multibody part:

add views for each unique body automatically in solidworks

Drew then finds all unique bodies, adds 2D and 3D views and rotates straight weldment bodies so they lay horizontal. We even add dimension and a balloon if you enabled that in the blueprint settings.

solidworks weldment view rotate

The result is something like this:

In this example, you see three views per body, plus dimensions and a balloon. The view orientation and rotation are optimized: some use a front view, some a right view, some a current model view.

The dimension positions are not perfect, but we used the 80-20 rule and automated the most boring bits (adding views and dimension) first. We’ll improve the positioning later.