How many Blueprints do I need?

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A Blueprint is a group of similar Sheet Sizes and a number of extra settings.

When you only created drawing for internal use

If your company only produces drawings with a single style of sheet formats, then you probably only need a single blueprint.

When you create drawings for customers

If you produce drawings with templates that are supplied by your customers, you will need a blueprint for each customer.

How do I create Blueprints when I’m getting started with Drew?

You create blueprints for your company and for each of your current customers with the Welcome Wizard. This wizard appears when you start Drew for the first time.

Going through this wizard will only take a minute or so.

How do I add a blueprint afterwards?

When you want to add, remove or hide a blueprint, open the Settings window. You can add a blueprint in the main window, then edit the details. For a list of settings, check out this article.