How to add a bill of materials (BOM) automatically

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How to add a bill of materials with Drew

You have two options to add a bill of materials to a drawing sheet:

  1. Enable Drew to automatically add a BOM to the first sheet of a new drawing. Drew only adds a BOM when the model is an assembly.
  2. Click the Bill of materials button in the task pane while editing a drawing. See the image below.

SOLIDWORKS Drew add bill of materials BOM - cut list - automatically

Click the small button on the right to delete the BOM.

When the BOM button is disabled, it means the model is not an assembly.

BOMĀ  settings

Each blueprint can store a link to a bill of materials (BOM) template file (a .sldbomtbt file).

To view these settings, open the settings window, click a blueprint, then click the Tables tab:

Bill of materials BOM settings - cut list

How to set the BOM position using a table anchor

SOLIDWORKS embeds table anchors in every sheet format. Every table type (BOM, cut list, hole table etc) has its own anchor, so you can set a preferred position for every table.

Here are two articles from the SOLIDWORKS help about what anchor points are and how to change their position. We also have our own article.

Drew adds a BOM and links its position to the anchor point. You only need to define which table corner needs to snap to the anchor.

Which table types does Drew support?

Drew supports BOMs and cut lists.