I got a virus warning after downloading

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We received a few messages from customers that got a virus warning from their anti-virus software. We take these very seriously.

Fortunately, every alarming message so far has been a false positive. We contacted every anti-virus software vendor that flagged our software and every false positive has since disappeared.

How we test for virus warnings before releasing an update

We upload every update to https://virustotal.com so the installer gets checked by 70+ virus engines.

Trend Micro seems to flag Drew installers more frequently than others, that is why we work with them to prevent false positives. Trend Micro checks every update before we release the update publicly.

Results for recent updates

These hits do not mean there is a virus in our software, for three reasons:

  1. Nearly every hit we see is for a different kind of malware.
  2. Vendors use a more aggressive engine for Virus Total than they do in their product.
  3. The hits usually disappear over time, once the vendor runs a more thorough analysis.