I think I found a bug

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That’s very possible.

Each line of code has the potential to create multiple bugs, and Lightning has 10.000+ lines of code.

We are very thankful for every report because every bug fix makes the product better.

Report a bug from within Lightning

We have added a feedback form within the product, so you can reach us directly.

Just click the Send Feedback button in the Lightning toolbar (with an assembly open) or click Tools > Lightning > Send feedback.

Then a window similar to this Drew window will pop up:

Drew feedback form

Report feedback via email

Please include:

  1. Which version of Lightning you are using. You can find this out in the Windows settings in the Apps section.
  2. Which SOLIDWORKS version and service pack you are using.
  3. Your license serial number
  4. The steps that you followed to create this issue
  5. Whether it happens consistently or randomly
  6. If it happens with a certain (type of) file, please share an example file with us.

Send your bug report to [email protected].

Thank you in advance for helping to improve Lightning 🙂