Lightning does not start

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If you have installed Lightning, a Lightning toolbar should appear when you have an assembly open.

Lightning toolbar - replace fastener with longer version - changer diameter - change length

If you don’t see the Lightning toolbar pane in SOLIDWORKS, please check the following:

Enable the Lightning add-in

  1. Open the add-ins menu
  2. Enable Lightning. For some reason, SOLIDWORKS does not always enable newly installed add-ins.

solidworks load unload add-in

Drew add-ins menu

When the add-in does not start (and the checkbox resets)

If you enable Lightning, close and open the add-ins window to find the Lightning checkbox unchecked, Lightning has failed to start. This usually happens because:

  1. You don’t have .NET Framework 4.8 installed.
  2. There is a conflict with another add-in. This can happen if you install multiple of our products, but we are very close to fixing this.

To check if there is a conflict with another add-in:

  1. Uncheck all add-ins in the Start Up column.
  2. Close SOLIDWORKS and start it back up.
  3. Enable Lightning in the list of Active Add-ins.