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Getting a license

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Lightning is currently in beta. You can get a free beta license, directly from the software.

Request a license within Lightning

Just install it, then open SOLIDWORKS and click Tools > Lightning > License Key.

Then enter your name, company name and email address and click Register.

How long will the license be valid?

The beta licenses are valid for six months.

Why is Lightning not free forever?

Lightning is intended to be a paid product. We cannot afford to give away our products for free. CAD Booster is just a one-man company right now.

We do not know when we make start offering the paid plans though. Probably somewhere in Q1 of 2021.

We want to make the product awesome first. And we need your feedback to be able to do that. Send your feedback to us via [email protected].

We will announce the paid plans via email when we are ready.