How to use the Replace Fastener window

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The Lightning toolbar has five buttons to change the selected fastener(s):

  1. Bigger diameter
  2. Smaller diameter
  3. Make longer
  4. Make shorter
  5. Replace selected

Lightning solidworks fastener change diameter or length

Change the diameter or length

These buttons are very easy to use. Just select a fastener (or more than one), click the button and Lightning searches your database for a longer/shorter/bigger/smaller version. If we find one, we replace the selected fasteners for the new version.

For more info, check out the articles on changing a fastener diameter and on changing a fastener length.

solidworks fastener change length or diameter

Change any property

If you want to change a fastener to a different type, or you want to change multiple properties at once, select the fasteners and click Replace selected.

Lightning replace fastener

If the fastener you selected is in your library, we select all the existing properties. We also show the filename at the top. You can now select a different type, diameter, length or material.

When you have found a new fastener size, you can click the Replace this instance button or the Replace all instances button. Lightning does the rest.

Change multiple fasteners in a row

If you select for example a bolt and a washer, Lightning will go through this list one by one. So you first select a new size for your bolt, you hit the replace button, we’ll replace it and then we’ll show the properties of the washer.

If you have selected a part by accident, you can always click Skip component to go to the next one in the queue. The window closes automatically after the last one.