Select a fastener

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When you try to select a fastener in SOLIDWORKS, you have to scroll through an endless list of files.

The issue here is that you cannot make a choice for a type, size or material, you just see complete file name.

So we built a step-by-step filter.

Fast fastener filter

This is the main window of Lightning:

Lightning Add Fastener window

The window contains five columns, where you can select:

  1. A fastener standard or type
  2. The diameter or thread size
  3. The length (for bolts, pins and set screws)
  4. A material/coating combination
  5. A washer type

How to work with the filters

You work from the left to the right. After every choice, we show you the available options in the next column. We show the number of results in brackets.

If only one option remains, we select it and the buttons in the bottom right turn green.

If multiple options remain, we show them below the materials.

Add one fastener or include a pattern

There are two buttons, from which you can drag a new fastener into your assembly.

  1. Single fastener – Add one part, with or without a washer.
  2. Include hole wizard – Identical to Single fastener, but adds a pattern as well.
  3. Add at origin – Add the part at the origin without having to drag it.