Where to get a fastener library for SOLIDWORKS

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Lightning is designed to work with all metric fastener models, so you can use Toolbox fasteners or your own fastener models.

But it works even better with our very own fastener library.

Because we built both Lightning and the models, we are able to create some extra magic. An example: we have added face names to the models, which we can access with Lightning while adding mates.

solidworks fastener models

About our fastener library

Back in 2017, we started working on a fastener library with these properties:

  • Native SOLIDWORKS models
  • Created by software
  • Focussed on consistency, stability and speed
  • With mate references and custom properties
  • Using data straight from the ISO and DIN standards
  • Compatible with PDM

After 600+ hours of work, this library now contains 50+ ISO and DIN standards for a total of 28,000 unique files.

You can now purchase these files on the Fastener Models page. You don’t need to purchase the whole library at once, you can just get the standards you need.