Supported paper sizes

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Each Blueprint contains one or more paper sizes, stored as Sheet Sizes.

Normally, SOLIDWORKS only supports portrait orientations for the smallest sizes (ANSI A and A4).

We added support for all missing portrait sizes. You can find more info in the blog post we wrote.

ISO paper sizes

The sizes in bold are supported by default by SOLIDWORKS.

  • A0 landscape + portrait
  • A1 landscape + portrait
  • A2 landscape + portrait
  • A3 landscape + portrait
  • A4 landscape + portrait

ANSI sizes

  • A landscape  + portrait
  • B landscape + portrait
  • C landscape + portrait
  • D landscape + portrait
  • E landscape + portrait

Paper / Sheet Size settings

Drew tries to derive the paper size from the file path of the sheet format. You can change the size and margins in the settings:

Drew settings Sheet Size details