All available variables for custom properties (and cut lists)

Below is every single variable that you can use within SOLIDWORKS custom properties and notes.

Most can be used with parts and assemblies.

Some can only be used for sheet metal or weldment bodies.

Only a few can be used for drawings.

How to work with custom properties and variables

For more background information on custom properties and cut lists, check out this article. These two articles go hand in hand.


  1. Not all variables are in every dropdown menu. Sometimes they still work though.
  2. SOLIDWORKS makes regular improvements, so please let us know if you found a missing property.
  3. The variable names are sometimes case-sensitive.
    1. Usually “LENGTH” and “length” both work fine.
    2. Check other capitalizations if you cannot get your property to work. Select the variable from a dropdown or check official SOLIDWORKS documentation for its spelling.
    3. Please let us know when you found a place where capitalization is important. We’ll add it to this post and ask SOLIDWORKS to fix it.
  4. To use file properties:
    1. You may need to write the variable name a second time between brackets.
    2. Example: $PRP:”SW-Author(Author)”
    3. Sometimes it works without the second name in brackets, sometimes it does not.
  5. The bounding box introduced in SOLIDWORKS 2018 uses properties from the feature.
    1. It uses <property>@@@<feature>@@<configuration>@<file name>
    2. Example: “SW-Total Bounding Box [email protected]@@Bounding [email protected]@Default<As Machined>@Strongback.SLDPRT”
  6. These routing properties are not really variables. SOLIDWORKS uses custom properties with this name in routing BOMs.
    1. Help article about routing BOMs

All variables

  See note Model Cut list
Part Assembly Drawing Weldment Sheet metal
File properties
Author SW-Author *4 x x x
BOM part number / name SW-BOM Part Number x x x
Comments SW-Comments x x x
Configuration name *3 SW-Configuration Name x x x
Date created SW-Created Date x x x
Date modified SW-Last Saved Date x x x
Date today – long SW-Long date x x x
Date today – short SW-Short date x x x
Filename SW-File Name x x x
Folder name SW-Folder Name x x x
Keywords SW-Keywords x x x
Last saved by SW-Last Saved By x x x
Subject SW-Subject x x x
Title SW-Title x x x
Current sheet name SW-Sheet Name x
Current sheet format size SW-Sheet Format Size x
Current sheet number SW-Current Sheet x
Current sheet scale SW-Sheet Scale x
Drawing template size SW-Template size x
Sheet count SW-Total Sheets x
View name SW-View Name x
View scale SW-View Scale x
Physical properties
Axes of inertia SW-ix
x x x x
Bounding box
(SOLIDWORKS 2018 and newer
Requires bounding box feature)
SW-Total Bounding Box Length
SW-Total Bounding Box Width
SW-Total Bounding Box Thickness
SW-Total Bounding Box Volume
*5 x x
Center of mass SW-CenterOfMassX
x x x x
Density SW-Density x x x x
Mass SW-Mass x x x x
Material SW-Material x x x x
Moments of inertia
(Taken at center of mass
Aligned with output coordinate system)
x x x x
Principal moments of inertia SW-Px
x x x x
Surface area SW-SurfaceArea x x x x
Volume SW-Volume x x x x
Weldment & sheet metal
Description Is filled automatically
(e.g. sheet, pipe)
x x
Cut list item name SW-CutListItemName x x
Quantity Quantity x x
Length Length x
Angle Angle1
Angle description between two cut ends
(–, Same, Opposite or Out Of Plane)
Angle Direction x
Angle along the longitudinal axis between two cut ends
(0-180 degrees)
Angle Rotation x
Total length Total length x
Unit of measure (= usually length) Unit_of_measure x
Sheet metal
Bend allowance SW-Bend Allowance x
Bend radius SW-Bend Radius x
Bounding box SW-Bounding Box Length
SW-Bounding Box Width
SW-Bounding Box Area
SW-Bounding Box Area-Blank
Cutting length SW-Cutting Length-Outer
SW-Cutting Length-Inner
Flattened mass SW-FlattenedMass x
Number of bends SW-Bends x
Number of cut outs SW-Cut Outs x
Surface treatment SW-Surface Treatment x
Thickness SW-Sheet Metal Thickness x
DimXpert block tolerances
Angular block tolerance SW-AngBlockTol x x x
Angular general block tolerance SW-AngGeneralBlockTol x x x
Linear block tolerance 1, 2 and 3 SW-LinBlockTol1
x x x
Linear block tolerance decimals SW-LinBlockTol1Decimal
x x x
Linear general block tolerance SW-LinGeneralBlockTol x x x
Multibody costing
For entire part
Manufacturing cost SW-Cost-ManufacturingCost x x x x
Material cost SW-Cost-MaterialCost x x x x
Template name SW-Cost-TemplateName x x x x
Total cost SW-Cost-TotalCost x x x x
Per body
Cost calculation time SW-Cost-CostCalculationTime x x x x
Material name SW-Cost-MaterialName x x x x
Stock type SW-Cost-StockType x x x x
Stock size SW-Cost-StockSize x x x x
Part number SWbompartno *6
Pipe length SWPipeLength
See note Part Assembly Drawing Weldment Sheet metal
Model Cut list

Check out our other article to learn how to use these variables.

Have you found a variable that’s not in the table? Email us at [email protected] and we’ll add it. Thanks for your help!

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