An add-in for SOLIDWORKS that saves you time and makes you money
  • Save 50% on the time needed for 2D drawings
  • Never use a wrong template again
  • Start a new drawing with one click

  • Save your engineers overtime and stress
  • Quickly get new employees up to speed
  • Try for free for 30 days

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Fastener Models

Fasteners for SOLIDWORKS - completely according to your preferences
  • Stop using unverified 3D models
  • Completely according to ISO and DIN norms
  • Automatic and stable mates. No more errors when switching types!

  • One-time investment
  • Compatible with PDM
  • No license issues

Your own toolbox

Can't seem to get your work done? Let us develop an add-in!

  • Export automatically

    Are you making STEP-files of parts and configurations manually? You can use your time in a better way. A computer gladly does this for you.

  • Identical models

    Do you design many almost-identical products? Copy-paste is not necessary anymore if models can be generated automatically.

  • The company colors

    A perfect design has the colors of the company. We have a couple of ideas as to how we can simplify the use of color within SOLIDWORKS.

  • Your idea here

    Which tool would really move your business forward? One for models, custom properties or configurations? Contact us to get started!