Better 2D drawings thanks to Drew

2D drawings are very effective in transferring design information. It is a pity that creating them takes so much time while it is exactly towards the end of a project that time is in short supply. Our SOLIDWORKS add-in Drew can help you with this.
Work more effectively

Faster results with fewer clicks

Drew positons views, tables and sheet layouts for you, in the correct place and according to your rules. This way, the creation of 2D drawings is streamlined.

Better drawings

One for all, all for one

Every employee, permanent and temporary, has his own style. Drew captures your company style to increase the consistency of your drawings.

Fewer mistakes

No more half-scaled products

A single mistake can mess up the whole planning. Drew automates the most error-prone actions, such as adding flat patterns.

Happy employees

Less stress, less overtime

Time is always scarce at the end of a project. Drew saves you time, frustration and money exactly during this period.

Stay up to date

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You can't seem to get your work done? Let us develop an add-in!

  • Export automatically

    Are you making STEP-files of parts and configurations manually? You can use your time in a better way. A computer gladly does this for you.

  • Identical models

    Do you design many almost-identical products? Copy-paste is not necessary anymore if models can be generated automatically.

  • The company colors

    A perfect design has the colors of the company. We have a couple of ideas as to how we can simplify the use of color within SOLIDWORKS.

  • Your idea here

    Which tool would really move your business forward? One for models, custom properties or configurations? Contact us to get started!