Save your engineers days of manual work

We build intuitive add-ins for SOLIDWORKS to create 2D drawings twice as fast. Or to make working with fasteners fun again.


Create, edit and review drawings two times as fast. Drew saves clicks and prevents errors.

About Drew


Fix slow assemblies and drawings by learning what makes them slow.

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I've been working with SOLIDWORKS since 2006. You get to profit from that experience.

About CAD Booster

What do you want to achieve?

Together we investigate problems and build solutions.
We develop software if the situation asks for it.
  • Accelerate

    Bundle your processes and the knowledge of your employees in software. Now everyone can use it.

  • Save

    Automate the simplest and the most complex tasks, so you can focus on the core. A one-time investment in productivity, followed by a daily saving.

  • Relax

    Less repetitive work and fewer questions for the lead engineers create a more peaceful workplace.

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These are some of the reviews we landed in the past.

"I had a drawing that took me 7 hours to make without Drew. With Drew, it only took two hours. Just don't tell my customers, please 😉"

"Drew never crashes. I didn't even know that was possible."

"Wow. It worked now. Thanks 🙂 The first time ever that I'm getting real online help..."

"It all started with a Google search. I had a few SolidWorks errors and got discouraged when I couldn't find an answer. That's when I stumbled across CAD Booster. The chat box lit up and as soon as I sent a message Peter replied. He had my problem solved within minutes! Kudos to Peter B. for CAD Booster!"

"HoSt is one of the largest suppliers of bio-energy installations in Europe. CAD Booster developed a SOLIDWORKS add-in for us that can quickly copy, modify and export large batches of drawings. This add-in saves us two days per project."

About us

CAD Booster was founded by Peter Brinkhuis, a mechanical engineer interested in everything that has to do with engineering and entrepreneurship. He knows a lot about SOLIDWORKS and now helps engineers and companies with this knowledge.