Fastener Models

Be in control of your fasteners in SOLIDWORKS. Our files are native models, designed for speed, created by software. All according to the latest ISO + DIN standards, and with custom properties, mate references and stable mates. Download directly or get a custom export.

DEMCON has over 100 engineers that make use of the 3D models from CAD Booster and the response has been great. The hodgepodge library from the past is replaced by a consistent set of models, which saves us time and money.

Sytze Spijksma - Group leader Mechanical engineering - DEMCON

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The standard is leading

We went through the standards so you don't have to. We even work with NEN directly.

No ANSI fasteners yet, though.

Time is money

And doing it yourself is more expensive

Make use of the 600+ hours we spent on making software to create these models. That way you get to do what you do best, instead of reinventing the wheel.

Easily shareable

No more licensing troubles

Our 3D models will never be the cause of errors in your assembly. Sharing these models with customers and suppliers will also go without a hitch.

Automatic mates

Less clicking, fewer errors

Drag a bolt into your assembly and mates will be added automatically. You can even switch it out for another type and the mates will still not break.

Convince the engineer

Download our samples and try them out.

Convince the boss

View and download a brochure with details and a list of standards.


  • One-time investment

    Purchase all models once and make unlimited use of them within your company, forever.

  • Compatible with PDM

    Our files can be used with PDM and other version control systems without any problems.

  • Consistent thanks to software

    Because we use our own software to create these models, each model has the exact same structure.

  • Stable references

    Thanks to smart model properties, mates keep working even when you switch between standards.

  • All dimensions

    All combinations of length, diameter and material are modeled fully according to the standard.

  • Every part its own file

    Our research shows that part files with a single configuration are the most stable and work the fastest.

  • Built-in information

    Every model has custom properties with information about the standard, the material, the thread and more.

  • CAD Booster service

    Are you missing a standard in the list? That we can add it. Did you find an error somewhere? Then we fix it.

Use our great defaults

Please check out the free samples. If you like our defaults, you can purchase the downloads directly. Get in touch for a bundle deal.

Customize your fasteners

We also offer custom exports, made just for your company. We determine your requirements, customize our software and create an export just for you.

Our library has defaults that are entirely focused on the engineer. Check out the brochure for a list of ISO and DIN standards.

We sell our fasteners per standard, for example ISO 4014. When you purchase a type/standard, you receive a zip file with all diameter-length combinations according to that standard. You get a copy for each common material + coating.

We charge €50 per standard for bolts, pins and set screws and €30 per standard for nuts, washers and keys.

Go to shop

We have great defaults, as you can see from our sample files. But if you want to make the files fit perfectly in your current workflow, you may need a custom export. 

In that case, we modify our software and create the files just for your company. You can have different filenames, add custom properties, change the colors and more.

We charge €90 per standard for bolts, pins and set screws and €50 per standard for nuts, washers and keys.

Get in touch

NEN Partner

Get your standards + 3D models from NEN

We are an official NEN partner. NEN is the Dutch representative (and one of the founders) of ISO.

NEN noticed that our 3D models are concrete implementations of their standards. They saw the value in that and they invited CAD Booster to join an innovation pilot.

As a result, you will be able to purchase our fastener models together with the standards in the NEN webshop, starting somewhere in the next few months.

Optional features

We understand that every company has its own way of working with 3D models. That is why we offer creating models according to your specification as well. Just let us know your requirements and we will configure our software accordingly.
  • File names

    Choose your own protocol for file names.

  • Custom properties

    Our standard models are supplied with useful information in custom properties. Don

  • Materials

    Every model is equipped with a material with strength properties according to the standard. We can also use your material library for this.

  • Dimensions

    Not all shops offer length/diameter combinations strictly according to the standard. We can deviate from the standards on your request.

  • Folder structure

    By default we use the folder structure Group name > Standard > Material. We can supply our models with any folder structure that you like.

  • Extra standards, colors and more

    Please get in touch so we can talk about your requirements and preferences. We can easily add functionality to our own software to help you with this.

3D models + Lightning = magic

Lightning is the add-in that makes working with fasteners fun again.

We were tired of scrolling through endless lists of fasteners in SOLIDWORKS, so we built Lightning. Lightning makes it easy to add, edit and replace fasteners.

Just open the filter, pick a type, size and material, then drag the file into your assembly. Lightning will add a washer and/or a pattern for you.

About Lightning