CAD Booster saves you days of manual work

We founded CAD Booster to develop great and user-friendly software for SOLIDWORKS. Good engineers are becoming increasingly rare, so we help our clients to achieve more results with the same group of people.

CAD Booster was founded by Peter Brinkhuis (1986). He obtained his bachelor in mechanical engineering at Saxion Enschede and his master in mechatronics at the University of Twente. He was employed by IMOTEC and VIRO, where he worked on assignments for Baat Medical, Tumakon, and DEMCON. He worked on designing, manufacturing and commisioning complex, one-off machines. Other projects include density sensors for dredging ships and instruments for knee surgery.

As an avid and critical SOLIDWORKS user, he tried to learn something new about this software every single day. He is an active member of the SOLIDWORKS forum and has built software tools for speeding up his most tedious tasks in his own time.

His drive for mechanical engineering, continuous improvement and automation led him to set up CAD Booster in 2017. Now, he is helping companies and their engineers with his knowledge in the fields of mechanical engineering, mechatronics, software and SOLIDWORKS.

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CAD Booster

Is there a task within SOLIDWORKS that you perform way too often? Then it's time to automate! As an official SOLIDWORKS partner, we can certainly help you with this.

Contact Information

Mission & Vision

The aim of CAD Booster is to improve the working life of the SOLIDWORKS user.

We do so by developing our own and customer-specific software. We also help companies to structure and streamline their design processes.


Knowledge Base

The principles of SOLIDWORKS can be learned quickly. The package, however, is so extensive that you can discover new functionality even after years of daily use.

If we learn something new, we gladly share it through our Knowledge Base. We have also included background articles that dive deep into assemblies, macros and virtual parts.

Tips & Tricks