Large assembly slow? I can help

If every rebuild of a SOLIDWORKS model takes minutes, your engineers cannot work effectively. Let's fix that together.

What determines performance?

There are dozens of factors that influence the performance of SOLIDWORKS models and drawings:

  • Model geometry
  • Which mode you open the file in
  • Whether files are on the network or on a local disk
  • Circular references
  • Relations between files
  • And many more...

How we fix performance issues

We'll start with a session with one or two of your engineers. We will open the model, measure performance, identify slow components and test solutions.

I will share my knowledge so your engineers will learn from it. They can share that knowledge with other colleagues so all future models will be faster.

We can do this via TeamViewer or I can join you on-site.

We did a one-hour assessment with one of our large assemblies and we learned a lot. You clearly know what you are talking about. We will call you again when we start our next project, so we can set it up correctly.

Ronny Grote Beverborg - Project Manager - NieuweWeme

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Why I can help you

I have been working with SOLIDWORKS since 2006 and I am still constantly learning. By now, I know a lot about:
  • How SOLIDWORKS opens files and models.
  • How you can identify slow features and assembly components.
  • How to improve the speed of parts, assemblies and drawings.
  • How to improve the performance of macros and add-ins.

Our plans

Send me an email or give me a call to start as soon as possible.
Ten hours


Multiple sessions

We meet a couple of times or fix multiple assemblies. You get preferred access to my calendar.

Custom package

Get in touch

Let's create the perfect plan

Every performance problem is unique. Let's discuss the best way to achieve your goals.

Invest in knowledge

An ebook about SOLIDWORKS performance

Most engineers only learn the basics of how to use SOLIDWORKS: they learn how to build stuff, to click button X to create feature Y. But they don't get taught what makes SOLIDWORKS models fast or slow.

To help you, your engineers and your company, I have created a package to learn more about performance in SOLIDWORKS. The package includes:

  • A 127-page ebook
  • 3D-models referenced throughout the book so you can run your own tests
  • Sample macros with functions to debug and improve performance
  • Three beautiful cheat sheets that you can use as a quick reference

Get The Package