About the Lightning database

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Lightning uses an SQLite database to store your fastener data. We store the database in a single file called database.db. Storing all data in a single file makes it easy for you to share this file or put it on a shared network drive.

To change your database settings, go to Tools > Lightning > Database management.

Lightning database management

Database location

We support three ways of setting the path to the database file:

  1. The default folder: C:\Users\<your name>\AppData\Roaming\CAD Booster\Lightning
  2. Select a folder
  3. Read the folder from the registry key HKEY_Current_User\Software\CAD Booster\Lightning\Database location

Lightning database management window

How to make the database smaller after removing many files

By default, an SQLite database file only gets bigger in size because it does not actually remove any data. It only removes the references to that data. So even when you remove 10,000 fasteners from your Lightning database, the database file stays the same size.

There is no real need to clean up this file. But if you really want to shrink the file size, it has to rebuild the whole file. Click Rebuild database and we’ll do the rest. The file cannot be read-only because it will be replaced by the smaller version.