Available keyboard shortcuts

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We included these keyboard shortcuts in Drew:

Part/assembly panel

When you have a part or an assembly open, you can press the Control key and a number to create a new drawing.

To create a drawing using the first blueprint, press Ctrl + 1

To create a drawing using the second blueprint, press Ctrl + 2. And so on.

Drawing panel

When your drawing has more than one sheet, you can use the following keys to quickly browse the drawing:

  • Show first sheet: Home key
  • Show previous sheet: Page up
  • Show next sheet: Page down
  • Show last sheet: End key

How to use these shortcuts

SOLIDWORKS handles all keyboard shortcuts when the main window is active.

But when a task pane (the panel on the right that contains the Drew interface) is active, the standard shortcuts do not work.

So to use the Drew shortcuts, click somewhere in the task pane, then press one of the shortcut button combinations shown above.