Drew does not start

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If you have installed Drew, a Drew task pane should appear on the right side of SOLIDWORKS. It should always be visible, even if you have no document open.

Drew task pane icon

If you don’t see the Drew task pane in SOLIDWORKS, please check the following:

Enable the Drew add-in

  1. Open the add-ins menu
  2. Enable Drew. For some reason, SOLIDWORKS does not always enable newly installed add-ins.

solidworks load unload add-in

Drew add-ins menu

When the add-in does not start (and the checkbox resets)

If you enable Drew, close and open the add-ins window to find the Drew checkbox unchecked, Drew has failed to start. This usually happens because:

  1. You don’t have .NET Framework 4.8 installed.
  2. There is a conflict with another add-in. This can happen if you install multiple of our products, but we are very close to fixing this.

To check if there is a conflict with another add-in:

  1. Uncheck all add-ins in the Start Up column.
  2. Close SOLIDWORKS and start it back up.
  3. Enable Drew in the list of Active Add-ins.