Lightning floating licenses

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Lightning licenses come in two forms, this article is about floating network licenses. We also offer PC-bound licenses.

What is a floating license?

A floating license means that multiple users can take turns using a single license. With three licenses, three users can use Lightning at the same time.

How Lightning starts up

Lightning automatically tries to check out a network license when it starts. It connects to our license server and checks out a license when one is available.

Disable checking out a license automatically

You can disable this behavior by unchecking Check out a floating license on startup.

Drew disable check out license on startup

See who is using a license

If all licenses are in use, you can see who is using them in the License Manager window under Connected users.

How to return your floating license

You can return a floating license to the pool in three different ways:

  1. Click Return license in the License Manager window
  2. Close down SOLIDWORKS
  3. Unload the Lightning add-in using the Add-Ins menu in SOLIDWORKS. See the image below.

solidworks load unload add-in