Pre-select a hole

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When you select a hole before you click Add Fastener, we can get the type and size of the hole.

We show this info at the top of the Add Fastener window. We will also select a matching fastener diameter when it is available.

This works for any hole that is made with the Hole Wizard.

lightning preselect hole get size

Preselecting a patterned hole

Lightning can create a Pattern Driven Component Pattern after you drag in your new fastener.

These patterns are flexible and robust since they also change when you change the number or the position of the holes.

But to be able to do that properly, you need to add the fastener to the first hole in the Hole Wizard feature.

Which hole is the first one?

As a SOLIDWORKS user, you cannot see which hole is the first hole. So we select it for you if you have preselected a hole.

That means we change your selection when you open the Add Fastener window.

When you then drag the new fastener onto the selected face, we can create a perfect pattern from that.