What is Drew?

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Drew is our SOLIDWORKS add-in that lets you create, edit and review 2D drawings twice as fast.

Why we built Drew

We are engineers ourselves and we have been working with SOLIDWORKS for over ten years.

We have created hundreds of drawings and while doing so, we thought SOLIDWORKS was asking too many questions:

  1. Which template?
  2. Which sheet format?
  3. Which 3D view?
  4. Which 2D views?
  5. Which table?
  6. Which block?

Questions that we would give the same answer to every time.

So we decided to create software that captures our preferences, so we could focus on the big picture again.

Drew drawing automation in SOLIDWORKS

Why do I need it?

When you install Drew, you can:

  • Start a new drawing with views, tables, blocks and notes with 1 click
  • Add or remove a view with 1 click. Drew will update all view positions automatically.
  • Add outer dimensions, a block or note with one click
  • Find all missing balloons in one click
  • Store the drawing preferences of your company and of your customers
  • Create 100 sheets (with views and blocks) when you have a weldment part with 100 unique bodies. With 1 click.

Where can I sign up?

Right here! You can try out Drew for free for 14 days.

Every feature is available in the trial. You can start a trial right now, you don’t need to enter your credit card details.