ISO 7435 (DIN 417) download for SOLIDWORKS

About ISO 7435

Slotted set screw with long dog point

ISO 7435 (and its predecessor DIN 417) is part of a family of slotted set screws. This version has a long dog point, ISO 4766 and 7434 have other point shapes.

The standard consists of 85 unique sizes from M1.6 to M12 and comes in three materials. The latest revision is from 1983, which you can purchase from ISO here.

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ISO replaces DIN

Many DIN standards were withdrawn 30 years ago

European engineers are fond of DIN standards, buy many DIN standards for fasteners were withdrawn in 1992. Most of them have an ISO replacement.

We only offer fasteners for active standards because we purchase the standard document and use it as a source for our fastener models.

Lock and spring washers like DIN 125 and DIN 6798 have been withdrawn without an ISO replacement, most likely because they don't work well.

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Get the best fastener library

We create high-quality, high-performance fastener models for SOLIDWORKS.
  • We create our fasteners using battle-tested software
  • Extremely consistent native SOLIDWORKS models
  • All files have mate references and custom properties
  • No more mate errors when you switch between types
  • Dumb files, so fully compatible with PDM
  • One configuration per part; the most robust option
  • We get our data straight from the standards

Our 3D models + Lightning = magic

Lightning is the add-in that makes working with fasteners fun again.

We were tired of scrolling through endless lists of fasteners in SOLIDWORKS, so we built Lightning. Lightning makes it easy to add, edit and replace fasteners.

Just open the filter, pick a type, size and material, then drag the file into your assembly. Lightning will add a washer and/or a pattern for you.

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