Balloon Checker: find missing balloons with 1 click

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Drew has a Balloon Checker to verify that there are no missing balloons.

How to use the balloon checker

When you edit a drawing, these two buttons are visible:

Drew find missing balloons in drawing

Click the left button to verify that every balloon is used on the current sheet.

Click the right button to verify that every balloon is used somewhere in the drawing.

When can I use the Balloon Checker

The Balloon Checker works for:

  • Assembly components
  • Weldment bodies
  • Multibody parts

Just make sure your drawing has exactly one Bill Of Materials (BOM) or Cut List.

Missing balloons

Click one of the buttons to see the missing items. The hover over the balloon to find the part name and quantity:

Drew missing balloons hover

When all the balloons are present:

Drew missing balloons

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