Create a hole wizard pattern automatically

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Creating a hole wizard pattern when adding a new fastener is almost identical to adding a single fastener.

Once you have entered the data for your fastener models using the settings wizard, you can easily drag a fastener into your assembly.

  1. Open an assembly
  2. Click Add Fastener in the Lightning toolbar
  3. Select a type, size and material
  4. Select a washer type or select None
  5. Drag the fastener file in your assembly from the Include hole wizard button.

Lightning Add Fastener window 4

Pattern the added fastener automatically

After you drag the file into your assembly (and we optionally add a washer), we add a Pattern Driven Component Pattern.

For this to work, you need to drag the file onto a hole made by the Hole Wizard and the file needs to snap in place with Mate References.

How to select the correct seed position hole

Lightning makes it easy to create the perfect component pattern. Follow these steps:

  1. Select a hole that belongs to a Hole Wizard feature.
  2. Click Add Fastener.
  3. We now change the selection. We select the hole that belongs to the seed position.
  4. Drag your fastener from the Include Hole Wizard button onto the hole that we selected.
  5. We create the perfect pattern for you.