Batch import models

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Drew is a drawing automation add-in for SOLIDWORKS and it can import ten files with one click:

  1. Close all files
  2. Click Select a folder in the Drew task pane
  3. Browse for a folder
  4. Drew finds all SOLIDWORKS models and other files that can be imported by SOLIDWORKS.
  5. You can now import models or create drawings for those models
  6. You can do this one at a time or for ten at once

solidworks batch import - create drawings for files in folder

With the buttons next to the filenames, you can:

Import a single file

 Start a new drawing

View an existing drawing in Quick View (way faster than opening a drawing in edit mode)

Edit an existing drawing

solidworks create drawings for files in folder - batch import

Batch import SOLIDWORKS files

Click Import 10 files to import up to ten files that need importing. We mark files that can be read by SOLIDWORKS with this icon:

Drew skips the importable files that already have a SOLIDWORKS part or assembly (with the same name) and adds a checkmark:  See Top.STEP in the screenshot above.

Available options

If you check the Save imported models  checkbox, we save the model using the same filename as the original STEP/IGS file.

When you also check the Close imported models checkbox, we will also close the imported model after saving. This option is only available when you enable saving.

Batch create SOLIDWORKS drawings

Click Start 10 drawings to start up to ten drawings for models that need a drawing. Check out the Knowledge Base article on how to batch create drawings.