Batch create drawings

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Drew is a drawing automation add-in for SOLIDWORKS. We have two ways to start ten new drawings with one click:

  1. For all files in a folder
  2. For all components in an assembly

Make drawings for all models in a folder

Close all models, then click Create drawings for a folder in the Drew task pane:

batch import folder for solidworks drawings

Now you need to select a folder. Drew searches the folder and shows you all native SOLIDWORKS models and all importable files:

batch create drawings

To batch create drawings, click Start 10 drawings. Drew then finds the next ten models that need a drawing (the files that have the button) and start ten new drawings. You can make quick changes, like adding a view, adding outer dimensions or create a sheet for each unique (weldment) body in one click.

Make drawings for all assembly components

This tool is very similar, the major difference is that the source is an assembly. Open an assembly and click Find drawings. This interface will pop up:

assembly component drawings

Models that do have a drawing yet get a button, which lets you start a new drawing. You can open existing drawings in view-only mode (very fast!) or edit mode .

For more details, check out this article on how to batch create drawings for assembly components.