What do I need to get started?

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System requirements

To install Drew, you need to have SOLIDWORKS installed, have at least .NET Framework 4.8 and you need administrator privileges on your pc.

If you have Windows 10 or an updated pc with Windows 7, you will have the correct .NET version already.

If you do not have admin privileges, ask a company admin to install Drew for you. Installing takes less than a minute.

How to install

The first step to get started is to download Drew.

Now run the installer while SOLIDWORKS is closed, then start SOLIDWORKS. The task pane on the right now has a Drew icon. If not, check out this article.

Drew task pane icon

How to set up Drew

When you have configured SOLIDWORKS for your normal job, getting started with Drew is fast and easy because Drew can read in your current settings.

When you start Drew for the first time, click the Get Started button to run the Welcome Wizard. You can use this wizard to get a (trial) license and create your settings.