How do I purchase a license?

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You can purchase licenses for Drew in our shop on They handle the payments and we do the rest.

You will receive an email with a license code when the order is completed. The integration with our license provider has been a bit fickle lately, so we manually verify this for every order. We’ll send you the license email if the system didn’t.

Drew Business

The license code is identical for all users when you purchase multiple licenses. We use floating network licenses for Drew Business. That means multiple users can make use of a single license, just not at the same time. So having three licenses means that three users can use Drew at the same time.

– Get a license (check out)

When Drew starts, it connects with our license server and checks out an available license. You can disable checking out a license on startup in the license window.

– Return a license (check in)

This license is returned when you close SOLIDWORKS, disable the add-in or check in your license.

Drew Solo

Drew Solo uses a machine-locked license, which means it can be used on a single PC. The Solo license is meant as a more affordable license for freelancers and small companies.