How to report a bug

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Letting SOLIDWORKS crash as a user is pretty easy. As a developer, it is even easier.

We take a lot of care to catch bugs early when developing our software. That is why we collect and test a bunch of tricky models before releasing each update.

Known issues

You can find a list of known issues and their workarounds here.

Reporting a bug

If you think you have found a bug, please report it to us. We are very thankful for every report because every bug fix makes the product better.

Report a bug from within Drew

We added a feedback form in Drew version 2.8 (July 2020), so you can send us feedback (not just bugs) directly from Drew.

Just hit the speech bubble in the task pane:

Drew share feedback

Then this window will pop up:

Drew feedback form

Report a bug via email

Send us an email at [email protected] and please include:

  1. Which SOLIDWORKS version you are using
  2. Which Drew version you are using (you can find this in Control panel, in the list of installed applications)
  3. Which language you use for SOLIDWORKS
  4. Which steps you take to reproduce the issue
  5. If possible: a model that causes the issue

Thank you for improving Drew.