Known issues with Drew

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Last updated: 2020-09-16

How to report a bug

If you think you have found a bug that is not in the list below, please report it to us.

This article explains how.

Known issues

1: Cannot run multiple add-ins at the same time

Steps to recreate the issue: When you start up one of our add-ins (for example Drew) then start another (for example Lightning), the second does not start correctly.

Workaround: When you disable the first add-in, restart SOLIDWORKS, then enable the second one, it all works as expected.

Plan for fixing: We really want to fix this, but it’s a hard problem. We’ll keep trying.


2: Undo delete view

Steps to recreate the issue: When you manually delete a view while creating a new drawing, then undo it, Drew thinks the view is still deleted.

Workaround: Do not manually delete a view when creating a new drawing with Drew. Instead, use the checkboxes to add and remove 2D and 3D views.

Plan for fixing: We are planning to add support for Undo and Redo in an update soon.

3: Flip flat pattern does not work properly

Steps to recreate the issue: Create a flat pattern sheet for a sheet metal body. Then click Flip a few times.

Workaround: None

Plan for fixing: This is an issue with SOLIDWORKS that we have tried to fix multiple times already. We do not know how to fix it. We will test future SOLIDWORKS versions to see if the problem disappears.