Installing an update for Drew

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How often do you release an update?

We aim to release an update for Drew about once a month.

How do I know if there is an update?

Drew will notify you 🙂

Drew has a built-in updater. When you start Drew, it asks our server for a list of updates.

You can also check manually. Click Tools > Drew > Check for updates.

Drew Tools menu - updater settings

How do I install a new version?

If you receive a popup that an update is available, you decide whether to install or not. To install the update, the installer needs to close SOLIDWORKS. Drew will let you save your files first.

Settings file compatibility

Every Drew version can read every settings file.

This is because we made the settings file both forward and backward compatible. This means that:

  • A newer version of Drew can read a settings file from a previous version.
  • An older version of Drew can read a settings file from a newer version.

When Drew does not recognize a new item in the settings file, we store this item and re-add it unchanged when we save the settings again.