Which settings are available?

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To open the settings, check out How to open the Settings window.

The Settings window has a narrow column on the left and a wide column on the right. The left column is used for navigation, the right column for detailed settings.

There are three main panels for the right column:

  1. List of Blueprints
  2. Blueprint details
  3. Sheet Size details

1: List of Blueprints

This is the first panel you see when you open the Settings. This panel shows all available blueprints, plus the sharing tool.

In the list of Blueprints, you can:

  • Add a new blueprint
  • Hide or show each blueprint in the task pane
  • Copy an existing blueprint
  • Delete a blueprint

When you are currently not working for this customer, you can uncheck the Visible checkbox. Drew will then hide this blueprint when you start a new drawing from a part or assembly. The blueprints remains visible in the Settings.

Drew settings list of Blueprints

2: Blueprint details

This panel shows all of the settings for a single blueprint. You can click a tab to open the specific settings:

  • Basics: Set style name, drawing template, preferred sheet scales, sheet format files and the default Sheet Size.
  • Annotations: add notes and blocks, set their preferred angle and location on a sheet. Set whether they should be added to body sheets automatically.
  • Body sheets: set whether to add a balloon for single body sheets, to add dimensions and to find the best view rotation for straight weldments.
  • Exports: create one-click exports using custom properties and other variables.
  • Flat patterns: set whether to add a scaled flat pattern view to the first sheet and whether to add outer dimensions. All available settings.
  • Sheet names: set the base name for normal sheets and for flat pattern sheets. Drew adds a number to this base name so the sheet names are unique.
  • Tables: settings and template file for the bill of materials (BOM) and cut list.
  • Views: pick which 3D view and which 2D views should be added to normal sheets and to body sheets. Set the default corner and display style for the 3D view. Enable View Palette for new drawings.

Drew settings Blueprint details

3: Sheet Size details

A Sheet Size is a sheet format file, plus a few extra preferences.

You can set the paper size, the title block size and the margin at each side of the sheet.

Drew settings Sheet Size details