Change the length of a fastener in one click

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Changing the length or diameter superfast is one of Lightning’s coolest features.

How to change the length

Lightning solidworks fastener change diameter or length

To change to a shorter or longer version, just:

  1. Select one or more fasteners
  2. Click Make longer or Make shorter
  3. Done

Lightning searches your database, finds the next part or configuration and replaces the part or changes the configuration.

solidworks fastener change length or diameter

We never edit your fastener files

We will never edit your fastener files, unlike the Toolbox. The Toolbox just creates new configurations on the fly, which:

  • Creates configurations that you cannot buy.
  • Marks existing assemblies as dirty because a part has changed, so you need to resave the assembly.
  • Makes a mess of your fastener library.


To be able to change the length, the part you want to change needs to exist in your library and in the Lightning database. If you always work out of the same library folder, this will never be a problem.

All assembly components need to be loaded as Resolved, otherwise we cannot access parts of the model via the API. We are currently working to improve this.

How to change the diameter

Changing the length goes exactly the same way. See this article.