What is a Sheet Size?

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A Sheet Size is a link to a SOLIDWORKS sheet format file, plus a few extra properties.

It stores:

  • The Sheet Format file (.slddrt file) to use
  • The paper size
  • Title block size and position
  • Sheet margins

Blueprint vs Sheet size

Your Drew settings have one or more blueprints. Each blueprint has one or more Sheet Sizes. Usually you have a size for each paper size (A3, A4 portrait, etc).


You can open the Settings window via Tools > Drew > Settings or by using the gear icon within the Drew task pane.

Click a paper size to see the detailed settings:

Drew settings Sheet Size details

For each Blueprint, you can define the default Sheet Size as well. You can do this in the Basics tab.

The default size will be used:

  • For a new drawing
  • When you add a sheet manually
  • When you let Drew add a sheet for each unique weldment body

While creating a new drawing, you can always switch between paper sizes. Drew will make sure all views and tables fit nicely onto the sheet.

Drew settings Blueprint details