What is AutoFit?

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What is it?

AutoFit tries to find the best position for views, tables, blocks and notes.

When you create a drawing with Drew, it runs every time you add or remove a view or a table.

Why do I need it?

We developed AutoFit because we got bored of dragging around views. We assume that’s not a hobby or yours either.

Right now AutoFit does most of the work for us. We only click a button to add a projected view. Drew then adds the view and nicely shifts all views to make room.

Drew main view project views

How does AutoFit work?

Every time you make a change, Drew finds all of the views and tables on the sheet.

Drew then gets the size of the objects, creates thousands of configurations and gives every configuration a score. The configuration with the best score wins, and that’s the one you see.

Can I turn AutoFit off?

Of course, sometimes you want full control. There is a checkbox below the 2D views that lets you disable AutoFit for that particular sheet.