How to add 2D views

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By default, Drew adds one 3D view and one or more 2D views to every drawing sheet. You can even add a scaled flat pattern view.

You can add or remove views by checking boxes in the task pane. AutoFit will find the best place for every view after every change.

2D views: Main view vs projected

We define the main view as the first 2D view that is placed on the sheet. You can only add projected views when you have a main view.

Projected views are projections of the main view, to the side, above or below. Drew lets you add one main view and up to eight projected views.

Main 2D view

This is the section for the main view when you create a new drawing:


You have six options for the orientation. They should be familiar, because SOLIDWORKS uses the same orientations.

The front view is the default.

You can change the orientation of the main view by selecting one of the radio buttons.


You can change the rotation angle of the main view with the boxes and the buttons in the top right section.

The box marked Angle lets you set the view angle directly. By default the angle is zero degrees.

The box marked Rotate α degrees lets you add (counterclockwise rotation) or subtract (clockwise rotation) a certain amount from the current angle. The default settings is 90 degrees.

Projected views

Drew adds the projected views that you have stored in your Blueprint.

You can then add or remove a projected view by clicking the checkboxes. AutoFit then updates all view positions so they fit nicely on the sheet.

Blueprint settings for 2D views

The image below shows the Views (2D/3D) tab within the blueprint settings.

Three 2D views are selected by default: Front, Top and Right. The front view is mandatory, the other eight are optional.

drew settings 2D 3D views