Lightning is now a SOLIDWORKS partner product

We are on a mission to improve working with fasteners in SOLIDWORKS.

And today, we have some great news. Our add-in Lightning has become a certified partner product 🎉

Solidworks solution partner product

Part 1 of the mission: a better fastener library

Back in 2017, we started developing a great library, with data straight from the ISO and DIN standards.

We bought every standard, ploughed through them and extracted all relevant data. Then, we built software to create thousands of unique SOLIDWORKS parts.

Our files are:

  1. Highly consistent
  2. Fast
  3. Use data from the standards
  4. PDM-compatible

Check out the Fastener Models page for more info. NEN, the Dutch arm of ISO, will also start selling these models soon.


Part 2 of the mission: a fast fastener filter

During the first lockdown of 2020, we finally gave ourselves permission to build a new product. We call it Lightning. Lightning is a SOLIDWORKS add-in that makes working with fasteners fun again.

Instead of showing you long lists of filenames, Lightning gives you a filter built just for fasteners. You select a type, size and material, then drag the part directly into your assembly.

After you added the part (and SOLIDWORKS added the mates using mate references), Lightning can add a washer and a pattern for you.

Lightning Add Fastener window


Changing the length or diameter in one click

Adding fasteners in only one part of the equation. Because you change fasteners more often than you add them, we made replacing them easier.

When you want to increase the diameter of a bolt, you don’t want to check the current filename and search a folder for a similar filename with a different diameter. You just want a bigger bolt.

That is why the Lightning toolbar has four simple buttons to change existing fasteners:

  1. Bigger diameter
  2. Smaller diameter
  3. Make longer
  4. Make shorter

Lightning solidworks fastener change diameter or length

Just select a component (or multiple) in the tree, click Bigger diameter and we’ll do the rest. We’ll search your database for a fastener with the same properties and a bigger diameter and replace the selected parts.

Each part is treated individually, so you can select multiple unique models. We’ll make each part one size bigger.


Affordable pricing

We want to make Lightning available to as many engineers as possible, so we made it very affordable:

  • PC-bound license: €100 per user per year
  • Floating license: €160 per user per year

Lightning works best if you have one license per engineer. If they always work on the same machine, get PC-bound licenses. If they sometimes work on their laptop, use floating licenses.

The plans come with email support only (to make them more affordable). You can add full support via phone and TeamViewer as an add-on in the shop.

A free trial

Of course, you can try out the product before buying. We have a 14-day free trial. All features are available, only the time is limited.

For more info

The Partner Product page on

The product page here on our site, you can start a trial from here.

The Knowledge Base with answers to most of your questions.

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