Our services

Are you drowning in work and it is difficult to find extra personnel? Then it is time to use your people in a more efficient manner. We can help you automate tasks, for example to make the reuse of 3D-models possible.

Your own digital tools

We can automate time-consuming or error-prone tasks with an add-in or a macro. This frees you up to focus on the bigger picture again. You'll also get more done.


Move forward together

Are your engineers waiting until their models have been loaded? Could your design process go faster? We are happy to look together for ways to optimize.


Do what you like

Are you not able to get your work done because you just spent your whole day making STEP files or replacing sheet formats? We can help you with that.


The basis for growth

Smart re-use is the secret weapon of many successful companies. Do you want to standardize 3D-models? We will look into the possibilities with you.

For every question, we have a fitting solution available:

  • Macro

    Which five actions do you perform just a bit too often in SOLIDWORKS? How would it help you and your company if these were automated with a macro?

  • Add-in

    An add-in is completely integrated in SOLIDWORKS and is suitable for more complex activities. We can develop one that is perfect, just for you.

  • Documentation

    Software is not the answer to every question. After structuring a business process, we help you with a clear diagram or a nice document.

  • Advice

    You do not solve a problem on your own; it goes three times faster with two people. We gladly helping you with SOLIDWORKS and design issues.

Our products

Drew is our product for creating 2D drawings faster. This add-in for SOLIDWORKS allows every employee to make a drawing within seconds. We capture your company style and make it so user friendly that every engineer will want to use it.