8 reversed and flipped isometric views

Sometimes an isometric view doesn’t show your model in a useful way.

So you start rotating the view, or you create a macro to rotate it for you.

But from now on, Drew can help you with this.

Eight isometric views instead of one

If the standard isometric view isn’t right for your model, just browse through the seven others we have available:

  • 4 isometric views from the front – including the official isometric view
  • 4 isometric views from the back

reversed and flipped isometric views solidworks

The math to create an isometric view

You create an isometric view by following these steps:

  1. Look straight at one face of a cube
  2. Rotate the cube 45 degrees around the vertical axis
  3. Rotate it 35.264 degrees (arctan 1√2) around the horizontal axis

By choosing both positive and negative versions of each of these angles, we create four isometric views. To create the second set of four views, we add another rotation of 180 degrees around the vertical axis.

flipped reverse isometric view solidworks

Duplicate a sheet

Drew works best when it knows everything about your drawing. So we made it easy to copy a sheet while still having access to all AutoFit functions.

duplicate sheet solidworks - Drew

If you want to copy a sheet for each configuration in a model, we also have a tool for that.

Select a different sheet format for the first sheet

Some of our customers use a special sheet format for the first page of every drawing. Our goal with Drew is to never ask you the same question twice, instead, we add settings for those answers. We have now added a way to set a different sheet format for the first page.

solidworks drawing different sheet format for first sheet

Made all windows closeable with the Escape key

If you click the wrong button, you want to whack the escape key to undo your action. Maybe hit it twice to be sure.

That is why we have made every window (except the Settings window, where you might lose work) closeable with the Escape key. Even our auto-closing popup.

Bug fixes

We fixed a bunch of bugs in this update:

  • Fixed error when adding a custom paper size
  • Fixed warning when downloading a settings file
  • Enabled better handling of drawing templates with multiple sheets
  • Fixed the cryptic error message when a firewall blocks a trial request
  • Fixed copying sheets for every configuration if the sheet has a flat pattern

If you find a bug, just let us know and we’ll most likely fix it with the next update!

What’s next?

For the next version, we are making our automatic dimensions smarter and more robust. We are also working on dozens of smaller improvements.

If you haven’t done so, go ahead and try out Drew for free 🙂

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