How to add multiple leaders (arrows) to notes

I used to think adding multiple arrows/leaders to a note was impossible.

Until I decided to figure it out.

It’s so easy.

How to add a second leader

When you have an existing note, just:

  1. Click the point of the arrow of an existing annotation
  2. Hold the ctrl key
  3. Drag out another leader!

While dragging the new leader, ignore the preview. The new leader will be placed at the position of the mouse.

This trick also works for balloons, since they are notes as well. Check out our big post about balloons here.

How to add multiple leaders to note

What if the note doesn’t have a leader yet?

If the note currently does not have a leader, you need to enable it first.

Use one of these three buttons:

enable leader arrow for solidworks note

Use a single note in two different views

You can even add leaders and connect them to different views:

How to link two objects to a single note

New notes: how to add multiple leaders directly

Pre-select multiple edges before you click the Note button, and you will get multiple leaders immediately.

How to remove one of the leaders

Deleting a single leader is as simple as selecting an arrow point and hitting the Delete key.

To delete the last leader, you need to disable leaders entirely. The delete key doesn’t work for the last one.

I want to learn more!

Then check out our posts on How to work from home with SOLIDWORKS or about the Origin mate.

Thanks to Javelin Technologies for this video on how to work with leaders.

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