How to create a weldment drawing sheet for each body

Today we will show you how to make a drawing for each weldment section.

And even how to add a sheet with views (for each body!) automatically.

About weldments

Some day, most likely a few years ago, you learned about weldments.

On that day you probably wondered: “How did I live so long without them?

You can quickly sketch, build up and redesign complex frames made from standard pipes and beams. And it only takes a single drawing to fully define a weldment.

When were weldments introduced?

I could not find references to weldments being introduced in SolidWorks, so they seem to exist for a long time. The MySpace pages that wrote about the introduction have probably vanished already.

I did find the What’s New in SOLIDWORKS 2000 (PDF) though, very cool. The new features included polygons, crop views and stacked balloons. Yay.

No mention of weldments yet.

solidworks 2000

Some day in the future I will write a massive article on the major features of the weldments toolbox. Today is just not that day. If you can’t wait, here’s a video by GoEngineer on the weldment basics.

Part-by-part drawings

Suppose you have a few strangely shaped weldment members in your design.

I just designed a frame for a side table to show you how it works.

The standard way of creating the first sheet of a weldment drawing is something like this:

SolidWorks weldment drawing

Two options for creating a drawing sheet per weldment body

  1. Create a part per body
  2. Create a drawing sheet per weldment body

Option 1: Create a part per body

This method creates a new part that is linked to the original weldment. So the part updates when the weldment sketch updates.

I don’t like this option. It creates too many part files for my taste, so we’ll go with door number two.

solidworks weldment insert into new part

The better option: Create a model view + Select bodies

Just click Model view > double click your weldment part > Select Bodies > select one body.

solidworks model view select bodies

This inserts a new view that is not linked to existing views on your sheet. Now just add a projected view and a few dimensions:



CAD Booster has you covered.

Automate the boring bits of a weldment drawing – It only takes seconds with Drew

We wrote the basics for this post a few years ago. Since then we created Drew, a drawing automation add-in for SOLIDWORKS.

You can create a sheet + views + block for each weldment body, with one click.

Drew even rotates straight bodies so they lay flat on the sheet:

solidworks weldment view rotate

You can try out Drew for 14 days for free.

Drew doubles your drawing speed

Watch 95 second demo

Free 14 day trial

  • Try out all features
  • Get started in two minutes
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Want to learn more? There is a one-day official training that your VAR should be able to help you with.

You can even get certified for weldments by passing the Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional Advanced Weldments (CSWPA-WD) exam.

Did you know you can do two free exams per year if your company has a subscription?

Good luck!


Photo in header by Dino Dalle Carbonare